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InsureHedge Risk Management

Hedge and private investment funds may be the investment vehicles of choice for many discriminating investors, but with a reputation for volatility and scrutiny by regulators, they can become easy scapegoats during global economic downturns. Sophisticated investors’ expectations of superior performance, coupled with their insistence on scrupulous adherence to applicable standards of care, good faith, and fiduciary duty, create a wide array of liability exposures for the funds, their general partners, and affiliated service providers.

Given these unique liability exposures and the risk profile of the alternative space, retaining a skilled and experienced broker is critical to avoid exposure to potentially enormous risks.

Our two decades of experience structuring programs for the financial services industry, and deep relationships with all specialty providers are primary differentiators at InsureHedge, and why we are industry leaders.   Our unique ability to customize protection to meet specialized needs, provide superior service, and offer exceptional claims handling allows us to stand in the forefront of the insurance industry.

We provide our clients with leading edge tools and services to identify, minimize, and manage risk.

As your risk management partner, we aim to understand your business and identify your specific needs and exposures. As part of our proprietary process, we will conduct a Commercial Risk Index (CRI), and/or a Benefits Risk Index (BRI) that rates your current risk in critical business and employee-related areas.

Brown & Brown introduces risk handling strategies that enhance traditional insurance programs. Whether they are part of an overall insurance service or purchased on a stand-alone basis, these programs are designed to maximize revenue by reducing both direct and indirect costs.

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