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About Us

InsureHedge is a division of Brown & Brown of NY, Inc., and Brown & Brown is one of the largest and most respected independent insurance intermediaries in the nation. The company ranks as the 7th largest US brokerage, with $1.4B in revenue and 7,700 employees, and the corporate culture is built on vision, speed, agility and strength.

Brown & Brown is a lean, decentralized, highly competitive, profit oriented sales and service organization comprised of people of the highest integrity and quality that operates through its licenses subsidiaries and provides a a variety of insurance products and services to its clientele.

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Total Solutions

There’s the basic approach to insurance and risk management and then there’s InsureHedge.

Our focus is total risk management. We fully tailor and integrate our solutions to the specific needs of the alternative investments space.  industry, business processes or family circumstances. Custom long-range plans are developed through our exclusive process, an innovative and proactive approach to determine your current risk factors and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Our methods ensure that you have the best insurance coverage available and that we continually seek to proactively lower your total cost of risk..

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